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written on November 5, 2009 ✈

This recent week I found out about a new japanese girls band. They're SCANDAL. Well, not a NEW, actually.. since they're formed around 2006. Oh, if you want to found out what kinda song they play, please check out my playlist here on the blog (: Their songs are so powerful I think.

Left-right: Mami Sasazaki - Haruna Ono - Tomomi Ogawa - Rina Suzuki

Left-right: Mami Sasazaki - Haruna Ono - Rina Suzuki - Tomomi Ogawa

Hora. Cool, aren't they?? They're: Mami Sasazaki ~ melody guitarist + back voc. Haruna Ono ~ rhythm guitarist + lead voc (she's my favorite). Tomomi Ogawa ~ bassist + lead voc. Rina Suzuki ~ drummer + back voc (the youngest, she was born in 1991).

I just find that they're different.. yea a lil bit different from another japanese girl band; like ZONE, Chatmonchy, Oreskaband, StereoPony, etc. The picture above is one of their single titled SHOUJO S. Well, if you like to watch Bleach, then that song is the 10th opening song for the anime (:

Their music called "garage rock" (wow and that's cool I <3 it). Plus, most of their song's chord are quiet easy and REPEATED, but still awesome with the arrangement!! xD I applaud for it LOL. My favorites: Shoujo S, BEAUTeen, and DOLL (: they write and arranging their songs by themselves (: and not rlly expect that most of 'em are from music and dance school xD like Haruna, she's the one who had been on Hello!project, playing on a japanese girl film titled "The Backdancer", etc. Hell yeah now I'm so in love with 'em, beside YUI (YUI chan is still number ONE!! xD~) beside their songs, it is their appearance (: somewhat remembered me of Avril Lavigne, old and new Avril (: but, gah. Different, still *shrugs* And they always wear the same uniform LMAO. Characteristic from a japanese school girl (: ow that's RLLY cool isn't it??? School girl with electric guitars and drum set xD (oh I've never see 'em on seraafuku, anyway).

That's SCANDAL on their anime form. Aye, they also have their anime series xD oh gosh LOL. Well, after all, story is about 'em. You can also tell I guess =/ well that's all (: a cooooollllll japanese girl band x)~ Check 'em out, you'll like it :D and before I'm forget, I found a forum for 'em => SCANDAL4-indo. I think it's totally indonesian forum but infact, there are also some international member x)~ teehee..


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