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[recipe] Mac n Cheese with Beef Bologna
written on February 15, 2012 ✈

This afternoon I was hungry but I don't feel like eating some meal.. I found some leftover raw macaroni and decided to make a small amount of snack to eat while watching tv :)
It's none other than
Mac n Cheese
I tried to make this one healthier but.. oh well. I dunno.
It's pretty easy, without baking or frying anything! Ahaha lazy meh :p *yeah I've tried making fried mac and cheese and didn't really like it*

All you need are: *sorry I didn't measure any of this precisely. Just thought of the ingredients for one person*
macaroni (It's Rigatoni one.. for regularly people would use Gramigna)
milk powder (my lil brother's. You can use the liquid one.. don't vorry I've tried this tho XD)
cheese powder (I have this in my kitchen. If you can't find any, a regular grated cheese is okay tho)
cooking oil
mustard and wheat flour (for alternative recipe)

complementary ingredients I use:
Beef Bologna (for burger, actually. So I cut it into small pieces)
Frozen vegetables (contains green peas, corns, and carrots)

1. Boil your macaroni and beef bologna slices with a small amount of salt and cooking oil.
2. When it's half-boiled, add the frozen vegetables. When it's done, drain it.
3. For me to use powder seasoning, I just mix 'em with the done main-ingredients and it's all done :D
4. For those who use grated cheese and liquid milk, boil the milk with some butter (salted or not).
5. When it's half-boiled, add the grated cheese lil by lil while stirring it.
6. Add the mustard; in order so the milk won't clot, take a small amount of milk in a bowl then add the mustard. Mix 'em then put it back to the rest of the milk.
7. Dissolve 3-4 tbs wheat flour with a lil amount of hot water, then add it to the previous mixture. Stir until thickened.
8. Add macaroni, mix well.
9. Remove it from the stove and it's ready to eat ♥

Happy Snack~! #anananananana


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