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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


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I ♥ you Tezuka-buchou!!
written on August 13, 2011 ✈

Last Thursday night I dreamt of Tezuka-buchou ウレシー! it’s the first time of my life XD *well, I’ve had a dream with a certain ikemen who played 3rd generation Tezuka Kunimitsu before.. we were eating roasted corn lmao* I dreamt him as a normal person: a 3D human form XD *slapped* well, I don’t recognize it as a face from one of the tenimyu member who played Tezuka Kunimitsu, but his stoic face told me it was him

じゃ、 I don’t really remember the story since it was pretty long and random, but I’m sure it was romance-drama-adventure-like on genre I found myself watching myself on the dream (there, I was a third person but I’m still me).
えと.. I remember I was on the way to the dormitory where Tezuka-buchou stays. The purpose were.. well, um.. to bring him back to me. The story registered to my head little by little that time. It looks like we were together before but we.. um, somehow, broke up? not really sure

I knew where he was supposed to be but there, sensei told me he didn’t stay there anymore. びっくりしたわよ! If I’m not mistaken, there were all my sensei and friends from Japanese Department lmao. Then I ran downstairs and start to gather information about where he is that time. Whoa I remember exactly how I felt that time XD it was like if I didn’t move fast, he’ll be gone and I’ll regret this time for the rest of my life

I stopped for a while and sat on the ground with some friends, wondering where I should ask for information next time when a 4th-dimention-mouthed-monster appeared from the ground and suck everything near it when I hid behind a large rock, a friend shout to me something about if I searching for Tezuka now and that I’m too late because he’s going to marry another girl. That the ojiisan at the dorm lied about Tezuka’s not living there anymore. We ran to the dorm, avoiding the monster. There I met a girl whose name is same as me and she looks like she has feeling for Tezuka XD ♥

She told me the number of his room; 102 if I’m not mistaken. And yeah it was his name on the sign hanging on the door: TEZUKA. It wasn’t locked and there was no one when I enter the room. I sat on his bed and I touch his pillow XD *fangirl shriek*

Then the friend of mine before told me the story of Tezuka getting married *I don’t remember it* with a girl named... M I only remember the first letter. Definitely not maora XD maybe Marilyn *his bonsai*? *kicked* that the girl propose to him on the first time and rejected but for some reason now Tezuka was forced to and right that time is on the way to propose to the girl *gasp*
Automatically I stormed to the place where I knew would be an “exit” but only saw a boy there. I ask him if he know Tezuka and where he is now. He pointed out and I dashed to his direction and there I found him, ready to go. His back was facing me and I was aware he could mistake me as an enemy who’s going to attack him from the back. Really, I was running closer with the urge to hold him but then he turn around with a gun pointed to me *the heck with the reason why he had a gun with him*. He realized it was ME and he stopped. Oh, his startled face that time was so priceless

I hugged him! Tight awwwh Tezuka-buchou held me back. His shoulder and back was so broad. Almost the same feeling when I hug a certain bespectacled man… only the latter is softer and warmer I saw some people there but that time I didn’t even care about hugging him in public XD *dead-shot*
After some time, everything fade to black.. like on the movies. And suddenly I found myself at home, sitting on the couch with him beside me. We talk about his marriage-incident but I felt no worry that time. Somehow I know that he’s now completely mine XD –end.

どう? トラマ見たい でしょう? but I own Tezuka Kunimitsu on my dream! XD seriously, If I really own Tezuka Kunimitsu, I’ll make him marry Fuji Shusuke instead of me I have a better one already
If any of you who read this entry is making a tenipuri fanfic, you could use this story as the main idea… but please, please replace me with Fuji Shusuke. Onegai!

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