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[review] X2 Pink Special Edition
written on May 22, 2012 ✈

I just bought a new soft contact lense and it's pink... on purpose, offcourse :)
It's for my next project Roromiya Karuta from Inu x Boku SS (you watch it too? kewl! ♥)
This is the first time-ever-I bought a contact lens with tester! It's much more efficient, imho.
There were 5 types of pink lenses and I couldn't try all of 'em.
The one I like the most is tore but now after I purchase and try it at home, I know I got the brightest :D

Manufacture : Exoticon
Origin : Indonesia
Diameter : 14.5 mm
Water content : 42%
Life span : 6 months
Power : Plano until -15.00
Colors : Pink only. With various designs.
Price range : 50000 - 80000 Rupiah

And also this is the first time I use this brand.
Sadly, they were all 6 months wear-able. Actually I'd prefer a 12 months wear-able lens.. it's more economic.
But something about this lense that I'm not satisfied.. The color doesn't spread really wide. But it looks really natural and the pink color is pretty bright.
Maybe I'll buy another one from different shop and brand for comparison..
Geh. I guess I'm just pilling up my lenses collection?
But awww~ it's PINK! ANd I love it ♥

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