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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


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[costest] Heroine-chan
written on March 4, 2013 ✈

So... you guys probably knew already that an otome game entitled AMNESIA is getting anime version. It's already on its 8th episode by the time this post is made. Well, honestly I'm not that into otome game, I've never played it before and still have no interest on playing it *sorry for all otoge fans out there, no offense*
I fell in love with the desin character for the heroine, thus I decided that I'll be putting the girl into my project list! :D and since the anime was out, I had to watch it because I think it's better if you do the cosplay and understand the character whole-ly

I never took my eyes off the heroine and I was like *pls watch my emoticon carefully LOL* She's like got no characteristic at all (キャラがまったくないよ!)-well due to her amnesia, maybe-and um, helpless and useless.. yeah most of otoge heroine are at first I dropped it when it was on the 2nd episode and suddenly I didn't want to cosplay as her anymore but I already got my fabrics, wig and contact lense. Beside, my project pals was beginning to do theirs and very eager so I continue to watch the anime again and maybe at some point I'll begin liking her

I tried. Rlly. But I can't
I did a costest beside the feeling of cannot liking her. Check it out ♥

I failed successfully!!
Well, FYI, I always fail drawing my eyes a droopy-eyes. I always look a little too seme for the uke character I cosplay. まだまだだね。 I'll try again next time. I'm too lazy to do a costest lately and my latest was on the beginning of January. I got even lazier when I receive 3 more wigs for my project. I even got my Isana Yashiro finished, complete set with the umbrella but I dod nothing to them. Not even touch it. Duh.

In the end, I'll just keep working on this project since I got full team project for Amnesia, even MINE and RIKA too! Muhahaha I won't waste this chance ♥ 刷新お楽しみに! Later guys!

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