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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


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...erh, ...a month~??? TT_TT
written on December 7, 2009 ✈

*stretch and yawn* ..nah, i'm finish fixing this blog (__ __|||) I'm sure everyone just forgot about having a blog together @_@ yeah~ I think it's only me care about that XD hahaha missed you guys.

About the last 2 weeks, I just noticed that I have some problem with... errh, scars. In my arm. Yeah it's getting worse view days later because of some infection >_< I dunno what scars are those, but I just know that I always want to scratch it with my fingers XD~ Oh yea just last Saturday I went to take a walk with my cousin :) we went to Royal Plaza again. Buying things... again =3=. I buy some new panties and underwear (>///_///<), manicure set (and using it over and over again too much 'till one of my thumb bleed >_<), and...some presents for someone who's gonna be older this month ;D ♥ My cousin and I just walking and wandering around the entire building and checking things that we thought may be a good present for growing man...and rlly tired @_@ I'm thinking of many things but end up with thought it will will be silly and too general and NOTHING SPECIAL!! >3< ftw... You know what? We out from my house @12:15pm and going home @9:00pm! Fuaakkkk XD~ tiring and..well, enough for refreshing..maybe. But not for me... guess this last 2 months are bad days!! fuak off (oh yeah and something did change. I cursed alot but just not saying it loud thanks God):

1. I got sick, and right when I'm on my way healing, I'm~ kinda pms-ing and so cracked and got everyone around me disturbed and annoyed including my boyfriend and he feels not going to meet me maybe about 2 weeks T_T and then I know it will be more that 2 weeks.

2. My lower stomach hurt all times I pms-ing and couldn't sleep. Also with the worsting infection-ed scratch, I can shut my eyes soooo early in the morning. Crap.

3. Last week I'm not seeing my boyfriend: he mad at me. And I know now he hates me more than he ever hates someone! T_T our relationship healed again about 3 days later. He start reply my SMS little by little and answer my phone. And when I think everything will be okay again, I remember when he mad at me he said that he's not going to see me "maybe next week too" and it means yesterday. And yes, I miss him so bad I cry two times this week regretting about loosing control and made him mad, and for not seeing him 2 weeks T^T

4. What worse? Am I gonna see him the next week? The 3rd week after the crack? Hell NO. Last night on the phone, he said that the next Saturday-Sunday he's getting into a worker training. Yessshhh, Good Luck T_T

5. Oh wow I just pray and pray I could meet him in the 4th week T_T or else, we won't meet for about a month x_x

6. Something wrong with my phone's SIM card. It didn't work sometime. And too often.. dammit dammit dammit. Beside, my money is already crashed I can't reloading my cell phone so I can texts and calls him. All I can do is just wait for my cousin paying me back after lend her some money to buy a dress that she hellawant it ^^a

7. Imma person who is easy getting stressed out. And hell yeah I already am. You know, I'm gonna have final exam for this semester T3T wish me luck.

Enough for my dumbness.

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