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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


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[COSTEST] Tamako Market!
written on April 8, 2013 ✈

Did any of you watch Tamako Market! (たまこまーけっと) guys? It ends just at the beginning of April and I already missed the serie. The ending wasn't like what I want it to be but surely I was drawn to KyoAni's work once again
READ: another cute slice of life serie

Well, this kind of anime is more than nice to kill time and I ended up adding more to my cosplay projects because of Tamako! She's so......... idk I just ♥ her.
So despite my project queue and the untouch wigs waiting for me to style 'em, I order a casual wig and did a costest of Tamako Kitashirakawa soon after its arrival

I know... the wig is not fluffy so maybe later I'll do something about it, and for the ahoges too she has those signature ahoge I found it rlly cute ♥
As for the contact lenses... I'm using DIVA soul and not very satisfying to use as Tamako.
I got the fabrics I need already and within this week I'm gonna start making pattern. Tama-chan wait for mama! And DERA! I'm sucks at making plushie so this is the hardest pasrt of this cosplay... making a Dera plushie

YES cosplay did costs ALOT of my money, time and energy. But when the result is very satisfying I have no regret about it especially if you did everything by yourself such as making and saving your own money, make your own costume and props, styling your own wig, learning and doing make-up by yourself, etc.
It will always be one of my passion ♥ and maybe later in the future I'll make money from my cosplay

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