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A Little Love for Your Circle Lens
written on July 19, 2014 ✈

For cosplayer, one important component for cosplay is circle lens or contact lens or whatever you call it.
Kinda hard to choose one that suit both our eyes and the character. Cuz we can't always relaying on photoshop
Our eyes is very sensitive even for the smallest dust grazing it. Surely circle lens will eventually damaging our eyes if we didn't take a good care and the hygiene of it.

1) Simmer a decent amout of water (small fire). I use mineral water...the one for drink purpose.
After the water is steamy enough (not yet boiled), put all the lenses in and wait until it's lightly boiled and the small bubbles move the lenses around a bit. If not, stir the water veery lightly to get rid of remaining fat on it. Do not boil too long or it will wrinkle. 10-20 seconds is enough.

2) After that, move all your lenses to a bowl filled with Multi Purpose Oxygen Solution.
Use the store's optician's suggestion but actually any brand will do. All of them are almost the same.

3) Store it on your lens case. Keep it away from direct sunlight.
Don't forget to clean your lens case before storing it. An all-in-one water solution will do the work
You need to periodically change the oxygen solution of your lens, especially on the one you use the most. After changing the solution, shake your lens a little to get rid of the dust and fat that gathered when being used.

Don't hesitate to buy some lens cases,there are soo many cute cases you can easily find. But for me, I prefer to keep it on a transparent case like this since I have around 11 pairs of circle lens.. And I don't want to open it one by one when I need a certain lens. It's just convenient

There is also a travel case to make it more convenient.
I always bring this one to cosplay event.

It's easy to find nowadays too. And so many preferences. They have cute designs ♥
The travel case contains of; lens case, little bottle for your oxygen solution, and a plastic tweezer.
Um I use the tweezer to put the lens to my hand, not to put it on my eyes......well if you're fine with using tweezer to put the contaact lens onto your eyes, then that's.....crazy---no, that's fine

This boiling method actually I used to apply on my 6-months lenses when it's already past their 'expire date'. I found my supposed-to-be-expired lens comfortable again to use after steam/boil it. Then I start to wonder if it really was expired

I hope this useful enough for you

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