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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


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Trees pls Grow Money
written on October 18, 2013 ✈

Um hello, it's been forever since last time I post something here.
Just wanted to catch up things; my cosplay team I-ClasS and I decided that this year we'll be joining one of the enormous cosplay event in Indonesia, HelloFest, again!
This year we'll be a Hakuouki team! Yay!
I've been dying to do something proper with this project years ago and got the chance just now
Here's our entry:

...Don't look at us like that. We were doing the photo and pose on purpose.
Bet you can already guess which one I am

Yes last year we were also participating in the same event doing Utapri team performance.
Well, not me because I can't leave class and work. So I helped with the coreograph, photosession for BGV, and doing the entire BGV. It was hectic I didn't get any sleep 2 days straight and spent almost 300k (rupiah) so the required BGV safely landed on the committee the same day my wallet broke.
But it was memorable. We were the only team doing an anime-idol cosplay that time now that I'm looking at cosplays nowadays, I see anime-idol everywhere... I'm so done with it.

So, I play the heroine. Again.
Sure most of heroine character I cosplayed as is the very opposite character of myself. They're always so calm, soft-speaking, vulnerable, innocent, fragile, and protected by boys. While I'm far from calm, sarcastic, sadistic, insensitive, hardly falling sick, pretty much athletic yada yada. And I abuse boys
So I guess sometimes I want to just sit back and be a typical heroine. Maybe Chizuru is the closest typical heroine to me on the 'helper' part.
LOOOL I'm rambling

Soooo since traveling and cosplay isn't a cheap matter, I've been doing extra work while I have to work on few projects.
It's so friggin' tiring
This year I did the BGV all by myself again while on some yearly-event project, I did all the design-related work.
And I have band practice for upcoming gigs.
Oh and I have little brothers and a house to took care of since my parents hardly home.
I really need help. Rlly. But it seems no one can.....or won't? Idk. Also I've been selling my wigs and cosplay properties which I don't mind losing. Mostly from canceled project because I'm not into the character and serie anymore..

Geh sorry I just wanted to throw my frustration somewhere
I'm sure we all had our own handicaps


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