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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


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[HAUL] Part 1
written on June 24, 2013 ✈

Happiness is when you had a bad day, and upon arriving home, you found your long awaited package ♥

Well, it's not that long.. Just two weeks ago that I placed my order and the next week it came.
But really these view weeks had been almost full of unfortunate event especially on Monday. Argh...
But Thank God something I found sitting on my bed were the packages I've been waiting for!

It was big and lighten my mood in an instant
The first package I opened was from a store that it's actually my first time buying from. First thing was, I'm impressed with how careful they wrapped it and though the inside of it is plastic it still had the "FRAGILE" sign stick on it.
So yeah they're all beauty goods ♥

So this is my loots. The small sachet on the right is a bonus.
I don't even know what it's for until I googled "Etude Goback Total Solution".

brand: Nature Republic

So this is the first thing. Pretty big huh. This one is bigger than my expectation so I was glad.
As you can see, it's an Aloe gel.
I couldn't find any of this gel sold on the drug stores in my country so I searched for it online and stumbled upon one of my favorite skin-care brand. I had no second thought
It's an all-purpose gelI guess. It smells soooo good and non-sticky. It could be mixed up with foundation or applied to sooth your skin over sun heat.
In my case, I've tried it for a view days as moisturizer before I apply bb cream or foundation.
It did had effect; my skin didn't produce much oil when I was so worked up and heatedly singing on stage yesterday. Usually after came down from stage I would touch my face and found my foredead oil-soaked -_-

And with this size, It will lasts even a year.

brand: Skin79

Obviouslyb it's a lip tint. I almost never wear lipstick so my collection's full of tint and gloss.
I had this very traumatic allergy happened view years ago on my lips *I've posted it before* and I'm still not ready enough to start using it again. So I settled on tint.
Since my lips darkened a bit after the allergy incidents, I always use a lip concealer to neutralized the colour a bit before applying tint or gloss.
This one has a cute colour once applied it turned to pinkish.
It's a jelly-tint so yeah it's a bit sticky but lasts long enough to be wore outdoor.

Skin79 is my favorite brand for these last 3 month. The Hot Pink BB cream I currently use was so comfortable to wear.

One more package to be revealed but I guess I'll post it later on Part 2.
Hope the review help those who needs these :) Jya!

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