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But I'm still leagues better than you."
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written on June 6, 2013 ✈

Finally it's Nakajima Megumi's 24th birthday!
I missed her sooo much her latest PV is so cute ♥
今年も頑張ってね。私応援してますから:) いえい~!

FYI maybe not all of you know her, she's Nakajima Megumi or more known as Mamegu.
I adore her voice so much
She's a seiyuu or voice actress and singer under the name of Stardust Promotion. A same talent agency that brought Momoclo Z, YUI, Kanata Hongo, Keiko Kitagawa, Chieco Kawabe, also formerly Kojima Haruna from AKB48, and some of my other favorite japanese artists

Lately her appearance and style has changed and it feels so fresh seeing her.
Her image also changed a lil bit and I love her more

This is one of her song that I always sangwhen I went to karaoke :P

My first time fell in love with her were the time I watched Macross Frontier.
Mamegu's role was Ranka Lee. MOE!!
And since her role as Ranka Lee, she began her career as a singer starting with her first Single as Ranka Lee titled "Seikan Hikou". It's still one of my favorite song of both Mamegu and Ranka Lee. And she was awesome on her first major concert "Choojiku Suupaa Raibu" ("Super Dimension Super Live", a Macross Frontier concert) along with May'N

Her first single as Mamegu herself titled "Tenshi ni Naritai". There, she has a song titled Be Myself that has its own dance/coreography, very much like Seikan Hikou . And the CM for Tenshi ni Naritai is using Endou Aya-san's voice! Means Sheryl Nome's voice, she even said; ”愛ちゃんの歌を聴け!” ("Megumi-chan no uta wo kike!"). Taken from Sheryl's very famous "私の唄を聴け!!" and Neki Basara's catch phrase "俺の唄を聴け!!" always before he start concert. EPIC! XD

She's also famous as Vocaloid's GUMI. Yes, Gumi's name definitely from her seiyuu's name I never use any of Vocaloid's software or a Vocaloid fan.. well not really. I know some of their song, but only that :)

じゃもう一回、まめぐちゃんへお誕生日おめでとうございます! 次のライブお楽しみに:D

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