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But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


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[COSVID] Uta★Pri on Stage!
written on April 30, 2013 ✈

So... as I promise to Nyobi,
this time it's a video performance of Uta★Pri cosplay in my town :) specifically, my friends and my own cosplay team teehee ♥

1st Stage: I-ClasS & 1000% Boyz at UNITOMO: Uta★Pri All-Star Cosplay Performance

Petto Chan - Shibuya Tomochika
Maora - Ringo Tsukimiya
Qent - Reiji Kotobuki
Vaiya - Ranmaru Kurosaki
Kazuya Ayu - Camus
Harasawa Hiiragi - Ai Mikaze
1000% Boyz:
Basu - Haruka Nanami
Adrian Camui - Otoya Ittoki
Catch - Ichinose Tokiya
Ganesha - Jinguji Ren
Sato - Hijirikawa Masato
Nonky - Shinomiya Natsuki
Ghofur - Kurusu Syo

Oooohhh I'm so embarassed doing all of that Ringo-things T/////T
The preparation and practice for this event was such a hectic (specifically for I-ClasS) since we weren't prepared enough and the chaos of our costumes and properties. I even made my own Ringo costum only in H-2
The day itself...let's just called it total chaos. Since some of us also did a band performance right before the cosplay performance, we had to change and polish our make-up only in 15 minutes! Not to mention the draining energy and fatigue.
But then it was worth that both cosplay team got fans and fangirls support of our next performance, if there will be any, and I hope so I miss my team so much..

2nd Stage: 1000% Boyz at clas:h Surabaya Maji Love 1000% & 2000% medley

CASTS 1000% Boyz:
Adrian Camui - Otoya Ittoki
Ganesha - Jinguji Ren
Nonky - Shinomiya Natsuki
Catch - Ichinose Tokiya
Sato - Hijirikawa Masato
Ghofur - Kurusu Syo
Mentoz - Cecil Aijima

Yes, Cecil it is :D you guys sure is fast! It's only about the 4th episode airing
I DID fangirling.... I don't believe myself. I still can't believe but now that I watch this fancam version again, you guys ROCKS ♥
I know there will be some ppl saying things about you guys. Like doing a dance cover not because of your pure passion for dancing but because of popularity through popular series...and stuff. But I know you guys and your passion for cosplay.
Please, it's a Uta★Pri cosplay...you won't get a point of doing Uta★Pri cosplay performance without the dancing. Duh.

I'm waiting for your next better performance......soon enough

Please kindly visit our pages on facebook: I-ClasS // 1000% Boyz

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