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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


MAORA. October 18th. Libra. Asian. Otaku. Sarcastic - Outspoken - a bit Psycho - Dense. Adores music and japanese entertainment. Speak Indonesian, American English and Japanese. Loves to eat rainbow, bunnies, watermelon, popsicle and other cute stuff. I don't bite often so be my guest.

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[tag] I think I won't tag you! LOL
written on June 12, 2013 ✈

So.. okay, I've been tagged on this kinda post since...2 weeks ago? And it keep piling one after another.
I remember the old times when I like playing and posting this kind of tag-game on Facebook
And I'm sorry I'm gonna break some rules LOL

Post this rule.
Write 11 thing about yourself.
Answer the questions the tagger prepared for you.
Create 11 new questions for those who you want to tag.
Choose 11 bloggers to be tagged and link them to the post.
You are not allowed to tag back (aww man~).

1. I cosplay.
2. the current nickname MAOU taken from one OST of Detroit Metal City. Means Devil King.
3. I'm only 153cm tall.
4. Currently obsessed with Momoiro Clover Z.
5. I got goosebumps everytime I watch Katsuyu splitting into small pieces.
6. I'm collecting nail polish, especially the glittered one.
7. My parents failed to remember my birthday every year LOL
8. Currently joining 3 band. I WON'T add more!
9. Has been with my current boyfriend since 2008
10. Whenever I got thrush, it healed within a day. Never more.
11. I don't really like tag-games. No offense

Questions from Nyobi
If you could live in someone's shoes for a day, who would you be?
So many that comes to mind. Who would I choose first?
Name one thing that came to your mind when you hear the word "Cake"
Have you ever wished to have slaves?
LOL yes.
Do you like boy x boy romance? (Gay/yaoi)
Aaargh Nyobi stop reading me //// yes-a view BL.. but not yaoi pls.
If this is your last day on earth, what would you do?
...Wait, where will I go next?
OMG! Your blog has just gained 1,000,000 followers. What would you do to appreciate your followers?
What traits did you inherited from your parents?
Dunno... I think it's 'very organized'.
What kind of books do you like to read?
My taste range is so wide. But mostly modern psychology, horror, sci-fi, fantasy.
What type/brand of phone you have? (If you don't have a phone, change to laptop/other gadget!)
Have you ever seen a ghost or experience creepy things?
Yup several times...
What is your favorite book?
So far, it's still Harry Potter and Hunger Games :)

Questions from Altha
Tinggal dimana?
Suka sama 1D? kalo suka , pilih siapa?
Only their songs. I don't even know their name
Chibi, Smash, ato Blink?
Honestly, none of those XD
1D, The Wanted, ato The beatles?
The Beatles.
Jomblo ngenes ato Jomblo bahagia?
Jomblo bahagia dong ahaha
Moment-moment paling istimewa yg km inget ada?
Ada ;) family time is always precious
Cowo cuek ato Cowo crewet?
Yang kelihatannya cuek
Benda ato harapan apa yg km pingin banget?
Pernah gak km pacaran paling lama berapa bulan/tahun/minggu?
5 tahun.
Apa sih kesukaan kamu?
Cosplay ♥
Orang yg paling memotivasi km?
The one who can motivate me is me #PLAK. No.. it's my boyfriend actually :) not only a boyfriend, sometimes he act as a brother to me

Questions from Ari
Where do you live?
What is your occupation now?
Imma freelance graphic designer and costume maker.
Do you like indonesian noodle? what kind?
Yup! Indomie lah~ ahaha..
Where is your destination dream?
I... Dunno? :\
Who is your best friends until now?
I-ClasS. I ♥ you guys!
Do you believe de javu?
Who is your favorite artist?
...what artist?
Have you go aboard before?
Did you mean abroad? Yes I have :)
Do you have pets in ur home?
My parents won't allow it.
Do you like reading book? what kind?
Yes. Modern psychology, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, etc.
What indonesia movie do you like?
I rarely watch Indonesian movie. I guess the recent one that suddenly become my favorite is Habibie & Ainun.

Questions from Syarifah
Pernah bikin anak kecil nangis?
Sering :D
Kalo punya anak pengennya berapa?
Mending digigit same ular apa digigit anjing (inget digigit anjing bersiin najisnya ribet! Hayoo!)
.......digigit kamu aja deh~
Misalkan kamu terjebak ke negri dongeng, perasaan mu apa?
Kalo misalnya dikutuk jadi hewan, elo bakal ngapain?
Ngutuk yg ngutuk gue!
Oshi di AKB48?
♥ Oshima Yuko ♥
Pernah lupa tarok hape dimana?
So far paling parah ketinggal di Richeese Factory sebuah mall
Misalnya ketemu sama 'Member SNSD' terus dijadiin adek, hal yang pertama kali lo lakuin apa?
Pelorotin itu 'kakak' dulu trus pulang *bulus banget
Kalo ketemu cowok idaman, terus diajak "Ngapel" apa yang pertama kali bakal lo lakuin?
Udah ketemu nih. Gimana dong?
Pernah punya pacar? Kalo pernah berapa mantanmu sekarang?
Sebelum yg sekarang ada 2.
Pengen punya orang tua yang gimana?
Yang kaya ortu saat ini :)

Finally It's done!
Sorry it took a long time I;m not used to do tag-games anymore..

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