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[review] Princess Universe Mars
written on August 24, 2013 ✈

Alright so it's my 2nd review of circle lens. This time it's Princess Universe Mars which is red.
I bought this for Ranka Lee cosplay though I'm not really sure about her eye color... it should be a reddish-brown but I've give up on finding the right one it's difficult, unless I use photoshop

Manufacture : Princess
Origin : Korea
Diameter : 15.00 mm
Water content : 52%
Basic curve : 0.20 mm
Life span : 12 months
Power : Plano until -15.00
Colors : Green, Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, Violet, Gray, Pink.
Price range : 130000 - 170000 Rupiah

So far it's probably my favorite circle lens for cosplay.
I got it for Rp 130000,- so it's pretty cheap for 1 year circle lens.
It's comfortable to wear. The color is really bright and the pattern is natural. It's almost the same with Japan's standard cosplay karakon.
I have a very dark eye color. It's almost black and always seems to absorb any color from the contact lenses I wear, so when I tried this one I was rlly happy The red is still bright and looks natural with the thin black ring.

Since it's 15mm wide, it makes my eyes look fuller, glossier and has bigger iris.
The clarity makes it very recommended to use it for cosplay purpose Well sure it's still depend on the look of character you want to cosplay.
But personally I don't rlly like to use it for everyday use or for casual look because of the bright color.
Still, the result will be slightly different on different people. But I still intend on collecting all the colors

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