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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


MAORA. October 18th. Libra. Asian. Otaku. Sarcastic - Outspoken - a bit Psycho - Dense. Adores music and japanese entertainment. Speak Indonesian, American English and Japanese. Loves to eat rainbow, bunnies, watermelon, popsicle and other cute stuff. I don't bite often so be my guest.

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Semi Hiatus.. and Happy Fasting All!
written on July 10, 2013 ✈

Um hello there  皆さんどうも。 私戻っちゃったよ~! えへへ。
I didn't realize I've been on a semi-hiatus... Well, so many tasks so little time.
I've been working on some web design, creating logos, even designing creative proposal. I guess I should be thankful because I was hired, and it means payment it was woth because I'vebeen collecting money to go to AFA next September whilst working on my cosplay project

And with the time flowing quickly now it's Ramadhan again
おぉ~ 早いな、また断食月ですよ。
So I would like to say to you all who are Moslem:
Happy Fasting! :D
Let us all begin this holy month with happiness and goodwill. May Allah bless us all. Amin~

In my country, some ppl start fasting yesterday (read: Muhammadiyah), and the other start today. As for me and my family, we start today. Our first day fasting went rather smooth from breakfast until the time I made this post.
I personally love this month because every Ramadhan we get to eat dinner together. Together as in; complete family member in one table. If it were the usual days, we seldomely did. So I'm so very glad


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