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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


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[costest] K - Isana Yashiro
written on July 11, 2013 ✈

Just sharing some finished project from 5 moths ago...
This is another one of white-haired character I chose to cosplay: Isana Yashiro from anime K Project.
If you haven't watch the serie, here's the guy:

I admit this character wasn't quite easy as it seems..
As usual, my problem is on the eye-do because rlly, when most ppl want to have a double eye-lid, mine was a DEFAULT double eye-lid and cat-eye-shaped so it's kinda hard to draw droopy-eye.
You monolids ppl are actually lucky.. with a proper make-up appliance you could make your eyes as big as you want.
Thank God I already had a large eyes so yeah I guess it helps

The wig is actually the one I used for Shion (No.6) because I thought it suits Isana better. Shion has this fluffy feeling that my wig doesn't. So I cut a little and did a bit styling on both sides, using only flat-iron I'm kinda proud of this. But srsly, nothing more needed
Also I haven't bought any proper circle lens for him. I use the one for Nanami Haruka for costest and yeah well it turns out a bit creepy and a little too bright.

It was quite popular until now eventhough the 1st season ended just 2 seasons ago.
We're all spoiled with the HD scans and art concept for the 2nd season aaaaaargh I can't wait I'm sooooo excited because as in the end of the 1st season my character known DEAD!! I'm definitely cannot taking it good

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