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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


MAORA. October 18th. Libra. Asian. Otaku. Sarcastic - Outspoken - a bit Psycho - Dense. Adores music and japanese entertainment. Speak Indonesian, American English and Japanese. Loves to eat rainbow, bunnies, watermelon, popsicle and other cute stuff. I don't bite often so be my guest.

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[COSVID] HelloFest Hectic
written on November 26, 2013 ✈

Now I'm updating? Well, yeah..
It's been quite long time since my last post about entering a big cosplay competition with my team
It was friggin' hectic
We worked H-2 weeks like hell because before that, we got almost no time for anything because of paperwork and schools.
And because I have to prepare my own event which will be held on early December, I found no time to rest.

But this kinda thing is what makes it all memorable

We arrived at Jakarta and our lodging is on the well-known red district LOL
But it had no effect on us. We worked to the bone 'till everything's said and done.
It's a bit difficult to find something to eat and transport since we're all on our own, and Jakarta is surely different from Surabaya. But we managed it together.

I-ClasS Stage Performance on HelloFest 9 Kostumasa

So when all of this is done, I could finally rest? Big no
Still so much thing to do.
Even if in the end we couldn't make it full-team, it rlly worth it. Though I actually still want to perform Hakuouki with full-team.. Omg I bet it will be awesome!
And considering how much I spent on this team project, I certainly don't want it to be a one-time project. I want to get revenge on another event and performing on stage better! And offcourse get my money back.
Wait up for our next performance and I'll get the money! Call usa bounty hunter yahhooo~!!

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