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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


MAORA. October 18th. Libra. Asian. Otaku. Sarcastic - Outspoken - a bit Psycho - Dense. Adores music and japanese entertainment. Speak Indonesian, American English and Japanese. Loves to eat rainbow, bunnies, watermelon, popsicle and other cute stuff. I don't bite often so be my guest.

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written on July 23, 2014 ✈

This time I won't miss it anymore!
Happy Birthday Sasuke!
So sorry if there's any SasukeHaters reading this (yes this fandom is superb) but you're not going to do anything.
I wonder how old he is now if he's not forever 15 He'll make a damn fine man.

It's sorta embarrassing to acknowledge it but I rlly wanna make something this time on his birthday so I did a quick doodle on my tab. Hell there are no layers like on AI or PS so it's one hell of a coloring. I tried to drew him in normal anime style and turned out a bit girly so I start from scratch and did this instead /huggles/ so here we go~

Drew this with pen-tablet on my Galaxy Note. Kinda difficult...it has no layer!
Plus it's been years since I last draw something.

It was kinda love-hate feeling the first time I saw him on manga and anime. Cool dark handsome and all but his personality strikes me no no. Well, but yeah I immediately had this big big biiig crush on him.
.......until NOW

I don't understand why, even after all his character development from main character to rupporting, from hero to villain, from villain to emotionally unstable kid (hey! He is!), even until this time his intention is....I still like him. Sooo much. Just some heart-break here and there.
I know the sasus**u are so obvious back then and then lately...but I. Can't.
I ship sasunarusasu but honestly I don't want him to ended up with anyone. He better die. I understand he wants to rebulid his clan-NO! Uchiha Sasuke should die!
Gosh I'm so yandere but no, not sorry. I just love him so much it turn me like this......or maybe I'm like this from the beginning. Doesn't matter. Masashi Kishimoto is killing me.

I missed the old Sasuke so much, but I don't hate his now self. I guess I pity him.
Can't even read single chapter without something stir inside my chest it's so frustrating. Ugh.

The biggest 2D crush I had only happened to Uchiha Sasuke, Minamoto Kouji (Digimon Frontier) and Nezumi (NO.6).
See their similarities? Pretty much the same personality and characteristic. I guess it's my fetish or something.
But Kouji stopped. Nezumi stopped. Sasuke not. Maybe yet, I dunno.
Now that I think about it, the though of not liking him anymore makes me sad

So well, I just reveal how much I ship him and this fandom crazy. And the way I'm telling it 's just like telling my past love affairs. It's embarrassing and humiliating but I need to do something about it it's killing me.
I rarely show others of this Sasuke-obsessed side of me but yeah this is what I am /now hides/

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