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But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


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[VID] Not A Dance Cover
written on January 3, 2015 ✈

First post on 2015! しばらく :D
I'm sorry that I'm so lazy..

Last year,
(approximately 5 months ago)
I did a cover dance video of the most mainstream vocaloid song ever, HAPPY SYNTHESIZER.
I actually refers 'em as odottemita (踊ってみた) 

Aida Riko : PETTO
Momoi Satsuki : Me

So many cool odottemita videos on niconico and youtube and it have been our obsession to do a nice one.
So when we had the time, we immediately did it. We were practicing without mirror so it's not so synchronized haha
The place was a bit dark because of the building position around the park and it was around 4PM already so yeah some scene on the video are so dark. I didn't use any effect while editing. I want to keep it like that :)

We did almost 10 takes without resting for about in just 2 hours... more or less
I don't even correct my wig position omg and now that I watch it my forehead were getting more and more visible. I hate long wig with no bangs... It's hard to move with.

And so sorry for kurobasu fans, our height didn't match the character
But well, it was fun for me :) I want to do it again with another cosplay and another song

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