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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


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Japanese Cell Phone
written on July 14, 2010 ✈

First of all...
Yeah... after not telling anything about my hiatus, I was hiatus XD
Not important actually, since I'm so rarely updating my blog. And I'm not gonna say sorry cuz I'm so sure none of you are sad with it *LMAO*

Back to topic,
Lately, I bought view things from online store (e-store)...
See? I'm ordering this damn hoodie:

What a waste~ ♥
I still can canceled it, anyway XD

Well... offcourse my dream cell-phone also only could be bought via e-store. No japanese phone sold in this country freely XD I already have some candidates to spend my savings on:

Those are Softbank 821SC
cute isn't it? :)
At first I want the white one but after seeing the green one I want the color more than anything told on it's specs XD dammit.
Different from general phone in Indonesia, most of japanese phone can be used as television and some other are waterproof :D
I already found view person who can sell this tempting thing.. some are second-handed, but they claim it's HQ.
Can't say anything... Japanese phone gitu loh =_=a

Those are NTT DoCoMo N03a
No exception... this one also cute XD (hey why I always seeing cute things?? XD)
DoCoMo had those fancy orange on pink on this N03a.. and they had the superb cute customized LED light!! Awww never saw that kinda things before ♥
And yeah I know who can sell it.. e-store offcourse.

All japanese phone do not have any guarantee. Even in Japan itself.
Because they're genius (huh? O_o u mean.. like meh? XD *get kicked*)

Japanese phone are strong and really HQ that any small scratch they had when producing the phones aren't allowed. They throw it away and no re-use.. (such a big waste, actually. Rlly)

Well.. My saving now is more that enough to buy the first one, but not with the second one.
Right, haven't rlly decide it XD ahaha..


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