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Allergic? Try this one ♥
written on July 20, 2010 ✈

A year ago I'd been noticed that I'm allergic with some kinda chemical stuff. Like cosmetic. Not really bothered with that because I don't really like to wear those kinda stuff o_o how ungirly I am.

Actually I use some.. like lipcare or lipbalm and face powder especially when I was a kid *LMAO XD*
Until I reach my last year in senior high school, 12th grade, I still wear those stuff. And someday my face became abnormally reddish and itchy. So did around my lips. I scratched it. My bad =_=a

The worst condition was on my lips. It became so damn dry soon like there were barks grow from my lips, then wounded and smarting. I barely slept every night.

I went to see the doctor and doctor said that I'm allergic to some kinda chemical stuff on cosmetic. And gave me KENALOG. Very expensive. And it was sticky scrubby salty XD geez.. *lick*

But there's a side effect of using it; my lips are no longer in bright nice cherry and easily get dry. My mom then bought me this:

click image for bigger resolution

Famous brand. And had a really nice smell but not with the taste (yeah I *lick* it again) XD and hope that my lips will be okay. Once I try, It works! 8D nothing happened with my lips.

The day before yesterday I wear it when I went hang out with friends :)
And yesterday, the itchy sensation came and no! I'm not gonna scratch it again! XD
After browsing on the internet about this kinda allergic, some are okay and healed long since they use this jelly:

click image for bigger resolution

I remember a classmates on high school using it too XD
on the tanyadokter.com's discussion, this product claimed as the safer product for lips and sensitive skin. It's 100% oil-made.
This is the drug facts about this petroleum jelly:

click image for bigger resolution

I'm sure this big package will last for a long time. And yeah even after I asked the sales promotion girl on the hypermart, she said that this product has no expired date. Just don't get the sun light directly to it.. (or it will melt? XD)

Yea I recommended this jelly to all of you. Not only to prevents and heals dry lips or skin, it also can be used to protects minor cuts, scrapes and burns. And even healing it.

Hey the company of the product didn't pay me any sen ya know XD~
But I recognize this things are very useful :3
You can wear it on your lips while asleep to protect your lips drying when you woke up. Or you can wear it as a foundation before wearing lipstick. Well, in my case, I don't use lipstick and not gonna buy it until I really really really need it XD lol.

Ah yea I'll learn to be more feminine LATER... XD

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