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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


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Thank You Otousan, Thank You Kaa-chan :)
written on July 23, 2010 ✈

Yesterday, Kaa-chan has back home from Riau for 4 days :)
She bought view things so her carriage is a lot more than the day she left XD
She bought bags that her friends asks for, 2 packs of blueberry pie, a pack of chocolate biscuits, and....chocolates!! ♥

click image for bigger size

Some are blueberry filled.. almond or creme. Some are 100% chocolate so it taste bitter XD haven't try all of it but I'm so GONNA. LOL. Dude I have a really sweet tooth -_-a
Aaaaaarrrgh sialan jadi pengen ngemil trus XD bahaya ni ngemil coklat wihihihihi XDD~

Oh and yeah, she also bought something for Otousan :) she said that this is one of her thank you expression to let Otousan have something better, something that he need :) This is it:

click image for bigger size

A new gadget for Otousan.
Kaa-chan also had something that I recognize as Blackberry and I just know now that I'm false XD but Otousan prefer that one with unique qwerty keyboard. teehee..
He worth it. After all his hard work so he can gave his wife and children a proper life and proper gadgets XD

"He bought me a Blackberry even though ur brother is the one who use it. He bought your brother a new electric guitar. Pay all of your school and university fee. That's not easy ya know... I want him to have a better cell-phone. This what I can do for him right now, since I already have enough money", Kaa-chan said to me.

*sigh* yeah... that makes me want to buy something for him too. But Kaa-chan won't allow me offcourse XD what I can do are be a nice kid and make 'em proud :) not wasting their effort to raise me.


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