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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


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Cutting My Wig :p
written on January 14, 2011 ✈

My orderred wig just arrived yesterday.. and, they didn't gimme a bonus product but they gimme mono wig, better quality wig than what I ordered :) which is actually IDR 280k. I paid only 200k hahaha lucky me XD

well, there's a problem =__=
this is the picture of the wig I ordered *click for bigger image*
code: fg4 and I want a black color.

but what I get is this one!

yes it's black with a looong bang even passing my chin! *duh*
I complained to the shop, and they said that was it, the wig I ordered.
*but the style is different!*
dude.. they said maybe I should be measuring my forehead's height next time I want to order a bang-ed-wig, because maybe in the picture, the model's forehead's size is different.
*darn you* I have a normal height of forehead and.. can you imagine the model's forehead's height is the same as m FACE's height? monster geezes..
when I said the bang's height is different, you should know it's DIFFERENT!!!

thank you.

Afterwards I'm deciding they're blahblah-ing and maybe even not accepting they're WRONG (because they were repeatedly saying "no one has ever complaints buying our wig before this"). oh man..

then I realize something.. I am a TENSAI and I shouldn't get stressed just because of an unreasonable shop, I must do something with the wig :D impossibly performing with a wig like that. so I CUT IT MYSELF XD

First I investigate it XD what side is the hair parting? side? or in the middle? oh it's on the left side. and to make sure something, I text the shop, asking wich side of the hair parting and they said middle XD gahhh you're such undependable.

I started from it's bang, and it looked like this on the first step. well, actually already looks good but not my taste, and I looked way too mature XD lmao

Then.. this is the hardest effort: side hair XD
it's hard because I must keeping it the same height and width, and absolutely looks good and normal from every side XD lalala~
TADAAA~! This is the final form XD hahaha

after an hour fixing the wig, it's reaaalllyy nice to touch my own hair afterwards XD lol softer :"> maybe actually I have talent for hairdressing XD mwahahaha I often cutting my own hair :p

just now I tag the shop on facebook on my photo with the wig, compared with their calatogue picture. well, like I've expected, they're removing the tag and answer me via private message *rofl* what the... *rofl*
gotcha! XD
======================================[edit end]


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