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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


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TEKKEN: The King of Iron Fist Tournament
written on July 25, 2010 ✈

I just saw this movie yesterday on Saturday Night :)
Kinda curious because I like this fighting game :) I used to play the game when my Play Station is still here XD

Well, actually I'm kinda sure from the very first time that the same case as Dragon Ball will also happen on this movie *lol* still I watched it because I'm kinda curious :)

This is the casts before the movie released

Beside those character, there were also Raven and Jun Kazama :)

Also they said there will be Jackie Chan as Lei Wulong and Batista as King, but last August those name were erased. So did with Xiao Yu and Marduk.
There also no Hwoarang and Paul =_= (why must the center characters banned???)

The whole movie are disappointing...for me. I guess for Tekken lovers. Except for Jin character: he is so damn cute XD
This movie are Mature rated.
All the fighting scene are kool but the rest are kinda screwed XD
I know there are so many characters on Tekken and will be very difficult to relating the story from all the characters. So there were so many displaced bond between those characters.

Oh, and...
Jin are with Christie XD and Kazuya were f00king Anna and Nina. Geezes...
Steve Fox are no longer a fighter and he were supporting Jin, and those fighting gloves that Jin wear were Steve's, back then XD

I saw a funny fact about Christie XD

on the game, her pants were slightly opened on the left and right side. see the pict? teehee. But on the movie, her pants were opened on the front and back side *LMAO*

hahaha forget that one guys.

*stretch* no offense. Bad one. Tekken.. oh Tekken =_=a
Yeah this is my point of view so you would might check it out and watch the movie too and score it yourself :D

doodles~ *in wait for The Last Air Bender :p*

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