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"I'm not perfect! Not yet.
But I'm still leagues better than you."
-Weiss to Ruby, RWBY The Emerald Forest Pt.2


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a Caterpillar on My Tees!!
written on September 20, 2010 ✈

My luck is bad today.

I've wait for my last class today more than 2 hour, and the lecturer came late. She only spoke about books we should have and read, and end the class. I feel stupid.. But at least I had my signature on the absence list.

I finished my Sugar Queen (a romance novel I bought view days ago..not very usual of meh) right after that. Oh I almost cried inside the class XD~ I went to the park right away to go home and found there are dirts, specifically a view tiny white and yellow splatter on my motor cycle's saddle =_= they were already dried and had to erase it with wet tissues.

I just arrived at home about 30 minutes ago and feel so hotttt.... Surabaya become very hot lately when the sun shines. But now I'm home and the sky turns darker ~_~ d.a.m.n
Rightnow it's raining lightly out there.

I started to get off my sweaty tees and found 3 itchy red marks om my shoulder and chest. Wonder the itchy marks were because of my sweat. I threw my tees down to bed and suddenly my sight fell into a green lil thing on the inner side of the tees.
I'm sure that thing fell into my jacket I left on my motor cycle from the tree above.
Suddenly I feel my whole body become itchy, suspicious if that caterpillar had been on another parts on my body -_-"

Now I promise my self that I won't let my motor cycle parked under those trees.


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